IT Managed Services in Voorhees and Camden, NJ

What can we do for you?

In order to customize an IT plan to meet your specific budget and IT needs, ION offers a wide range of services from Maintenance to Monitoring to Management.


-  Servers, Workstations, Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones

-  Managed Services Provider (MSP)                  -  Cloud Services Provider (CSP)

-  Security/Router/Firewall Services                   -  Help Desk Support

-  Remote Desktop Services                               -  Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

-  Network Engineering / Design                        -  Managed Thin Clients

-  Disaster Planning & Recovery                         -  Exchange Email Solutions

-  Virtual Private Networks (VPN)                        -  Load balancing for Redundancy

-  Project Management                                        -  Print Services

-  Architectural Reviews                                       -  Consulting

-  Virtual CIO (vCIO)


Our Range of Services: