Our Culture

Ion is built on "doing the right thing".  Every team member is inherently customer focused and enjoys assisting others in everyday activities and is extremely passionate about what we do for you as a business.  If not at work, we're volunteering our time to help others.  We can't imagine a different world and it's evident in all that we do.

eamwork and collaborative efforts are a cornerstone benchmark to our approach, both internally and externally.  We work together to maximize the best possible outcomes rather than working in silos.  We know that an idea, concept or delivery method is polished as a result of input from everyone.

Team members are encouraged to speak up, submit ideas and be a positive voice for the company.  We are not encumbered with politics nor tightly wound policies that may limit our ability to work quickly and efficiently.  While our team members are individuals, once the bell rings, we are one cohesive entity.  We are Ion Technology Group.  Keeping an eye on your technology . . . so you don't have to!